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Life comes with unforeseen events or circumstances, some good and others not so good. The latter can affect your peace of mind and happiness. Yet, you must continue to tend to everyday demands, which can leave you feeling numb to life. The sadness, anxiety, and overwhelmingness becomes the norm, essentially, you feel like there is no choice but to accept this. Even the idea of seeking help can be an added stress. But there is hope and Nirvana e-Counseling, an online counseling service can be a great option, because it is convenient and easy.

What is Online Counseling?

Online Counseling is simply a delivery method in which a counselor provides support over the internet. Counselor-client may interact via email, chat, phone, or video. Online Counseling can also be known as e-counseling, e-therapy, tele-therapy, online therapy, and distance counseling, among other names.

Is Online Counseling for You?

Online counseling is beneficial for those who seek:

  • anonymity, clients with apprehensions and fears of being stigmatized are more likely to seek counseling
  • reduced transportation time and money spent on accessing services
  • fewer barriers for clients with physical limitations
  • comfort for clients with anxiety conditions which make it difficult to travel or meet new people

Online counseling is not appropriate for all clients. It is not for those who experience persistent suicidal ideation, severe mental illnesses, or multiple hospitalization. In such cases, it is more beneficial for the client to have in person interaction with a counselor.

If you think you will benefit from online counseling:

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If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, please stop now and phone the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), your local suicide hotline, or 911.

Meet Yasmin Somnath

I view treatment through a holistic approach. We must make time to care for the mind, body and soul equally. Therefore, I will encourage healthy habits and help you to understand how your thoughts and perceptions affect your mental state. This is more formally known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I will also incorporate mindfulness techniques that will help you to manage your emotions. With these tools and hard work, you can have a rich and fulfilling life again.

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