What Stress Might Look Like

Maya couldn’t sleep, she was up thinking of all the things that lay ahead of her.  Both of her kids have practice during the weekdays, and the tournament games would run through the next two weekends.  She also promised her mom to take her to several appointments, and the deadline for her project at work was quickly approaching.  She dreaded the idea of having to pull a few all-nighters.  Maya was feeling overwhelmed with all the demands in her life, everything always seemed to happen at once.

Stress is reaction to everyday pressures in life.  It can have both negative and positive effects on you.  On one hand, we need that rush of adrenaline to light the fire under us to get the tasks done.  But on the other hand, we can tend to over extend ourselves which naturally can cause us to feel overwhelmed.  This can lead to both physical and mental strains, leaving us feeling irritable and frustrated, or what we call stressed.  The good news is after the events or tasks are over, the stress tends to subside.

Common Signs of Stress

  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Stomach problems
  • Headaches
  • Aches

Common Stressors

  • Finance
  • Relationship issues
  • Over extending ourselves
  • Poor planning

Seeing a Counselor about Your Stress

 Excessive stress over long periods of time can lead to anxiety and depression.  Counseling can provide a non-judgmental space to vent your frustration, help you set boundaries to prevent over extending yourself, help gain self-awareness.  So, the question is, if you are already over extended, how are to find time for counseling.  Sometimes you have to find a little time for yourself, remember this is so important for well-being.  That’s where Nirvana e-Counseling’s online platform can be ideal for you, and the 30-minute session may be just what you need to feel better and move forward with you day and week.


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